Christine Alfery Studio

Contemporary Artist

2127 To To Tom Dr
Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538
(715) 588-7115

• Virtual tours are available. If you’re not able to attend the 2022 Summer North Woods Art Tour, you will be sincerely missed! Christine understands and has put together a tour of all artwork on display during the tour and some videos of specific new works so you get virtually up close and personal and hear the artist’s inspiration, techniques and stories. These videos will be available on Facebook: Artist Christine Alfery and on YouTube ( need name for utube.)
• Artwork is always available for collection online at the website and in person. Please visit or email if you have any questions.

Artists Statement
What do you see when you look at an abstract or semi-abstract work of art? Nothing or something? Do you find abstract work confusing like a pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces unsorted and walk away? Or do you look at an abstract work, like you look at that pile for jigsaw puzzle pieces and begin to sort the pieces out and try and figure it out?
An abstract artist takes the pile of jigsaw pieces and begins to sort them out. An abstract artist/painter takes the many colors that they have placed on some medium, and knows there is something there. Much like they know there is something there with the jigsaw puzzle that they begin to solve, they begin to solve the puzzle of the painting. The abstract artist perceives and sorts and creates something fresh, different, and new by remixing the same colors they have used in another work. But this time a fresh idea emerges from them. This idea, this fresh concept is then identified. That is what happens to me every time I begin to paint. Every time, I have butterflies in my stomach and I gleefully wonder what will emerge and what its identification will be.

For the past year, I have been watching figures emerge from my beginning watercolor washes. I embraced the time and began painting figures in their perfect moments when they get all the pieces of their jig saw puzzle lives together for at least in that perfect moment. I am writing about these individuals in my blog, I am also writing about how these unique one-of-a-kind individuals all live in the middle – they don’t live in on the ideological edges that are often described as black and white. They instead live in the middle, they are all different and they all respect one another, they are not gray, which is the color black and white turns into when mixed. And they are unafraid to work outside the boundaries the ideological binaries of black and white have formed, and create their own unique, fresh, space where those with differences can play. I write about the middle is not gray in my blogs. My blog is located on my website at


Christine Alfery’s studio is nestled in the woods in Vilas County, Wisconsin on a lake on an Indian Reservation.  There she finds the peace and freedom to paint.  Laura Fiser, Curator of Collections at the Paine Art Center in Oshkosh, described her work as “an exceptional mix of spontaneity and expressiveness. Her palette is both understated and lush.”  Julie Ganzer from the University of Wisconsin-Madison states that, “through the artist’s use of line, texture and bright color, simple ‘organizms’ almost literally bounce and wriggle through …” her work.  These “organizms” Christine calls “critters” and they appear in all of her work along with other visual symbols such as ladders, wheels, kisses, hugs, whirlygigs and other playful things.  Christine tells stories with these visual symbols about things she loves and cares for. Her work, according to national watercolor artist Stephen Quiller, is “playful and has a nice energy.”

Christine shows her contemporary, conceptual watercolor and acrylics paintings nationally and internationally.  She competes in watercolor competitions around the world. She has won over 100 national awards and is a signature member of 10 national watercolor societies.  Her studio is open during the tour and by appointment after the tour. She welcomes and treasures visits from art lovers from all over the country. She welcomes your visit to her studio nestled in the northwoods.