Northwoods Art Tour Criteria

The Northwoods Art Tour was established as an educational, interactive event, taking place primarily at artists’ studios.
There are two membership categories as defined below:

  • • Individual Artist: an individual, and/or one other family member, selling from their home or private studio during the tour. Individual artists may not sell work by artists other than themselves during the tour. An Individual Artists may participate in the tour by displaying at another member’s studio.
    • Artist-owned Gallery: a gallery owned by the artist/applicant that also sells work of other artists. A gallery can ask one of their current artists to be on hand to demonstrate during the tour, but that assumes any work sold is through the gallery, and they are not setting up a booth. They pay no fee to the tour.
  • All members are required to have Business Liability insurance during the tour.
    Ask your insurance agent for information about acquiring this.
  • Participation in both the summer and the fall tours is not mandatory, but encouraged. Preference will be given to applicants committing to both the summer and the fall weekends.
    The fee is the same whether you participate in one or both. EVERY participant is required to be open and present for the entire 3 days of each tour they participate in, and have demonstrations going each day.
  • All participating artists are expected to do work of their original design and concept.
  • Northern Wisconsin full-time residency is our preference, and artists meeting the criteria will be considered first for inclusion on the tour. Part-time residents may be considered on a yearly basis and are welcome to apply.
    The boundaries of the tour will remain as the present map defines. We will evaluate new applicants based upon geographic location. See a tour brochure or website for map details.
  • Every participant must display the official Northwoods Art Tour banner at their location. If necessary, place signs at highway and/or road intersections for ease in finding your site. We want a uniform look, and for attendees to know that this is an “official” site on the tour. Banners and road signs are available for purchase.
  • All participants are required to attend at least one North Woods Art Tour meeting each year in order to participate in the tour. Attendance at all is a high priority.
  • If space in the brochure becomes an issue, participants will be prioritized based upon attendance at meetings, volunteering, meeting the established criteria, and degree of contribution to the tour.
  • Artists are required to donate a piece of art to the annual WXPR art auction in the late summer/fall.
  • Participating artists are asked to fill out an annual renewal form with current information.

Deadlines & Fees

  • New Member Application Deadline October 19, 2021
  • Non-refundable Jury Fee $20 payable by check to North Woods Art Tour with application
  • Notification of Acceptance by November 1
  • Tour Fee Due by November 30
  • $250 Individual Artist, $350 Artist-owned Gallery
  • Artists are required to serve on at least one committee. If an artist or gallery chooses not to volunteer time, there is an additional fee of $200

Membership: Betty Christian
(715) 892-6431
For application and renewal forms Email Betty