Pigeon Road Pottery

Amy Higgason

7744 Pigeon Road
Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539

(715) 525-1635
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I would describe my pottery as fine art with an everyday purpose — a marriage of function and expression with a nod to the natural world. I’ve always loved to draw, and my earliest subject was flowers. First with crayon, then with ink, and now on clay. When I learned to throw pots, I instinctively began covering them with carvings. Drawing on three-dimensional forms has fascinated me for more than 25 years. It intensified when I moved up north. I gather inspiration from our shorelines and the plants that cover our summer landscape. In winter I find them in my imagination. I carve with unplanned abandon — striving to make my marks loose and spontaneous — as if they grew from the piece itself.

COVID UPDATE: I’d like to thank all the customers who have supported my studio during this very difficult time. My 2020 tour experience was great — primarily due to the visitors who exhibited patience and courtesy while on site at my studio. I hope to meet more of you this July and October. The social interaction of art tour weekends is my favorite part. My goal is to make your experience as “normal” as possible with safety precautions in place. Pigeon Road Pottery will be open to the public during tour hours. Private appointments are available year round. My studio will be open to small groups of customers at a time. I will have “waiting room” tents set up outside with small items to view and live demonstrations. I require all visitors entering the studio to wear a face mask if they are not vaccinated. A hand sanitizing station will be available. To learn more or make an appointment please call, text or email.