NorthWind Pottery

Pamela Johnson-Howe

6055 Mockesair Lane
Land O’ Lakes WI 54540

(773) 301-7702

I specialize in one-of-a-kind handmade functional art pottery, working primarily in porcelain/stoneware-blend clay. I begin most pieces on the potter’s wheel, but they become unique when I begin the carving process. Most designs are carved without any pre-planning, making it possible for the design to evolve from the form instead of being applied to the form. The carving process is time-consuming, but I find even my tessellation designs to be almost meditative and relaxing to create.

Each piece is created to serve a purpose and provide tactile and visual pleasure both in use and on display. In my efforts to simplify my life, it has become essential that useful things be beautiful and beautiful things be useful. I can see no reason to drink from a nondescript cup or store sugar in a nondescript canister when you can use a piece that feeds the eye, feels wonderful to the touch, and functions well.

GLAZE KILN OPENING at noon on Friday of the tour. Meet me at the kiln shed to be the first to see my newest work.