Manitowish River Studio

Mary Burns – Weaver and Fiber Artist

4245N State Highway 47
Mercer, WI 54547

(715) 476-2828

Open for Tour Dates in July and October, or by Appointment

“Truly work from your heart. Beautiful and moving!” – D.L.

Visit the studio to see complex colorful weavings, wall hangings, vibrant wool and linen rugs, felted works, and hand-dyed scarves. Demonstrations on several floor looms including a unique hand-jacquard loom!

Mary’s highly detailed jacquard weavings are based on drawings, old photos, and patterns. They are woven in a wide range of colors with mercerized cotton yarns that are slightly heavier than sewing thread.

“Fantastic! Beautiful and educational.” – E.L.

Mary’s Women and Water Exhibit:

Mary is currently working on a Women and Water Exhibit. The focus of this exhibit is to celebrate and honor water, as well as the women who work with it, protect it and advocate for it. Hand-woven jacquard portraits of these women will form the core of the exhibit.

Mary’s Ancestral Women Exhibit:

The Ancestral Women Exhibit, Wisconsin’s 12 Tribes. “My goal in creating this exhibit was to honor and celebrate elder women. These are women who have held families and communities together: women leaders who have kept traditions, cultures, and languages alive.” The exhibit has traveled extensively, including showings at the Milwaukee Public Museum and Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI.

Read more about the exhibit and see the weavings at: or

“Thank you, Mary, for letting me witness the spirits of these amazing women! Your creativity and the work of your hands let me know how your spirit bridges communities and cultures! I salute you.” –E.S., Minnesota