Johanna B Ceramics

Johanna Buwalda Ceramics

1006 Beachwood Drive

(formerly 5555 State Highway 70W)

Eagle River, WI 54521

(773) 370-4789

Open for Tour Dates in July and October, or by Appointment

I’m new to the Northwoods and am living my dream. I have always enjoyed making beautiful pottery that people can use on a daily basis and can now do so on a regular basis. My home studio is cute and quite small. Therefore, I make mostly small and medium, functional pottery.

My ceramics are generally made on a pottery wheel. I like to use a fine white clay, but occasionally I use red and brown clays. I glaze with a mixture of commercially available glazes and self-made glazes. My pots are often decorated with resist techniques that create playful or abstract patterns. My work is suitable for daily use. The patterns and colors are intricate and bright.

I was raised in the Netherlands at a time that De Stijl art movement heavily influenced art and design. This art movement embraced the abstract and pared down aesthetic focused on simple geometric forms and primary colors. It was a reaction to the frillier Art Deco. However, both Art Deco and De Stijl seem to be represented in my work. These, in combination with extensive international travel and the beautiful nature of the Northwoods can be seen in my pottery designs and colorful glazes.

I find there is something meditative in having clay slide through my hands when I sit at a pottery wheel. This, in addition to the fact that I create tangible and usable pottery, always brought balance into my life.

Outside of the Northwoods Art Tour, please call for an appointment or stop by to see if I’m in the studio. I teach pottery classes at The Warehouse Community Art Center in Eagle River.

If your GPS has not yet updated, the address will be 5555 State Hwy 70W.