Johanna B Ceramics

Johanna Buwalda Ceramics

1006 Beachwood Drive

(formerly 5555 State Highway 70W)

Eagle River, WI 54521

(773) 370-4789
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After a long career as a war-trauma therapist, I now enjoy making beautiful functional pottery that people can use on a daily basis. I have my own studio with all supplies and equipment needed to complete my work. Since my current studio is small, I make mostly small and medium-sized cups, mugs, bowls, plates, birdfeeders, jars, vases, etc.

My ceramics are often made on a pottery wheel, but I also use hand-building techniques. I prefer using a fine white clay and a brown speckled clay. After the first firing (bisque firing), my pottery is glazed with a variety of commercially available glazes and self-made glazes. My pots are often decorated with resist techniques that create playful and/or abstract patterns and bright colorful glazes. The pottery is complete after the second firing (glaze firing).

My inspiration comes from the nature around me as well as my travels around the world. While my esthetic seems to be largely based on the clean lines of my west-European origin, it has evolved to include images and shapes of the Northwoods. I love to imagine that people feel at peace and happy using my pottery in their daily lives.
I’m new to the Northwoods and am living my dream. I have always enjoyed making beautiful pottery that people can use on a daily basis and can now do so on a regular basis. My home studio is cute and quite small. Therefore, I make mostly small and medium, functional pottery.

Open for Tour Dates in July and October, or by Appointment.

If your GPS has not yet updated, the address will be 5555 State Hwy 70W.