Christine Alfery Studio

Contemporary artist and painter

2127 To To Tom Dr
Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538
(715) 588-7115

I have never been able to color in the lines, am not a fan of coloring books, never make chocolate chip cookies the same way twice, so it makes sense that I have a hard time following rules when it comes to making art. Recently I have called myself a creative rather than an artist. Why?  Because I believe the concept of the artist has changed and my work does not lend itself to how the word and concept of “artist” is understood today. What are creatives?

  1. Creatives provide energy to others.
  2. Creatives visualize life differently – life filled with possibility not a life of repetition.
  3. Creatives complete the circles of life and at the same time visualize open and fresh new ways for life to continue, to be explored and discovered anew.
  4. Creatives provide the energy, inspiration and new leadership for the arts in the future.
  5. Creatives are individuals.