Christine Alfery Studio

Contemporary artist and painter

2127 To To Tom Dr
Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538
(715) 588-7115

I have never been able to color in the lines, am not a fan of coloring books, never make chocolate chip cookies the same way twice, so it makes sense that I have a hard time following rules when it comes to making art or writing poetry. Rules have a function. They establish a foundation from which an artist/poet can expand, experiment and explore ideas in the pursuit of creativity, discovery in both art and poetry. If creativity and discovery are what art and poetry are, and I believe they are, then art and poetry needs to fall outside of established foundations, lines, rules and boundaries.

I work with poets across the state linking art and poetry together.  Here is a link to my website:, with some of the poems and artwork we have been working on together, along with my own poetry.

Spectacle on Great Bass Lake

Paddling in the kayak, I approach the shallow bay.
My stroke creates a ripple through the water lilies.

Hypnotized, watching
on lily pad ballroom floor
dragonflies hip, hop.

~ Susan Twiggs

Nancy Austin

I recall savory bites into
hand-cut ham sandwiches,
wax paper wrapped wonder bread
somewhat soggy with relish and mustard,
at picnic tables in truck stops,
the whiz of eighteen-wheelers headed east,
or west, one filled with all we owned.

I recall turns in the front seat
of the station wagon beside Dad,
Mom and siblings asleep in the back.
I nodded in and out of blue
and white Midwestern dreams,
sails that separate sky from water,
dart around buoys like schools of fish,
the keel’s song, its thrill-sound,
the sail’s bow to gusty winds,
the hull’s heavenward heave,
our rise to a high perch,
toes tucked tightly in hiking straps,
the backwards lean into air over racing water,
our faith in the counterbalance,
the ride back down,
the turn of the tiller,
the spill of the wind,​
the swing of the boom,
the rush, starboard
to yet another port.

Christine Alfery

the i i sing
nestled in my hearts
memories shared
the sun, the moon
the stars
they all are my hearts

they are my roots
the song is mine
for i am i

Magical Moments
Christine Alfery

warm soft yellow light
floods the room
windows shadow
stretched across the floor

crystals catching the
making rainbows
swirl around her

she sat in the
warm yellow room
on her carpet

watching   allowing
rainbow colors

to weave
through her
and flow from